I’m J Dunster (Jacqueline Dunster), and I’ve been painting cats all my life.

Lately, I’ve been selling a lot of cat paintings on places like DailyPaintworks and UGallery. You can also find out more information on me on my regular site, JDunster.com. My Facebook page (which needs to be updated) is here.

I studied art Otis College of Design in Los Angeles (where I studied anatomy, illustration, and focused on figure drawing and portraiture). I still love to paint portraits and consider myself a painter of human AND cat portraits.

portraits by J Dunster
Some of my portraits in oil.

But, this site is not about my portrait painting; it’s about painting cats! Right now this site is about my “planned” book on painting cats. When the book is finished and in print, this site will be where updates are posted, including additional information and maybe some free goodies for buyers of the book.

I already have written a book out about painting cats. It’s called “Cat Heads [And Other Art]” and it’s available on Amazon. (It’s mostly a portfolio of paintings, but there are a few tutorial pages included as well.) So, this is not going to be my first experience in authoring a book. (Not that I’m claiming to be a seasoned professional at authoring art books and self-publishing—there’s always a lot more to learn!)

Cat painting by J Dunster
Pink Nose, 3×3″ oil on canvas board.

I’m hoping for some suggestions and feedback on the book as I’m writing, and this blog will help with that (I hope). Let’s see how it goes!

DISCLAIMER: I am an Amazon.com affiliate, which means that some of the links to Amazon will be associated with my Affiliate account. That means that if you purchase anything, a small amount of money goes to me. (It doesn’t cost you anything extra, however.) I figure since I would be linking to Amazon anyway, why not become an affiliate?

Here’s a link to the book with an image too.

So, using my previous experience with publishing a book, I’m going to expand on what I’ve learned, learn a lot more, and make a full-length book about painting.