A New Addition to the Household

A New Addition to the Household, 6×6″ oil on canvas board

Some new kittens have been added to the household! They are the little sisters of some kittens we adopted last year. What can you do; the neighbors didn’t get their momma cat spayed. Now the momma kitty has been adopted by someone else and we are lucky to have four of her babies.

The two new kittens are settling into their new home just fine!

When I heard that these babies needed a home, I said (and I am not kidding), “Well, I could use some tabby cats as models.” Seriously not kidding about that. They will be excellent models! (Their older sisters, adopted last year, are a tuxedo and a black and white cow cat. They’ll be models too!)

So, onto the commentary on the painting. With this one, I used an acrylic underpainting. I included the simple four-square grid again. This painting will probably be in the book which will be having some instruction on using the grid. (Read more about the book here and the use of the grid here.)

Thinned acrylics wash with underpainting.

Using a limited palette of Cadmium Red Light, Black, and White, I first toned the background and then painted on the four-square grid. After that paint had dried (and since it’s acrylic, it dried very fast) I started to draw out the outline of the kitten’s head. Then I did a very general “block in” of the values and colors.

The acrylic paint layer was thinly applied so the painting surface still had plenty of “tooth” when I started to paint in oils.

Here’s an article with more information about painting on oils over acrylics. Like the article says, I wouldn’t paint a thick layer of acrylics when I am planning on finishing the painting in oils but would stick with a thinner wash, like you see above.

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