Tabby & White in Acrylics

Tabby & White, 6×6, acrylic on canvas board

I found my acrylic paints and brushes and decided to give them a go! I’m rusty with acrylics, but am glad that I did this painting! Acrylics are great for their easy clean-up and fast drying.

When switching to acrylics after spending the last few years exclusively with oils, the differences were obvious. The first thing I noticed was how I needed different brushes. Sable brushes still work great with acrylics, but they need to be a little more “snappy.” Blending and mixing were very different, and I’ll admit—frustrating. I think it’s mostly a matter of getting into the acrylic “groove,” which I intend to do!

There’s less of a pigment load with acrylics, compared to oils. This means that a little bit of oils goes a long way, where with acrylics you have to use more paint to cover and tint. This is just the nature of acrylics, it’s not “bad” or “wrong,” just acrylics being acrylics.

Of the paint brands I used, I love Utrecht’s Titanium White and will be getting more of it. I have a nice collection of a lot of “high end” acrylics (hoping the pigment load would be the best it could be). Sure, they were okay, but even a high-end acrylic brand (like Old Holland, Sennelier, Liquitex, and so forth) can only do so much.

I look forward to doing more acrylic paintings for the book!

2 comments on “Tabby & White in Acrylics

  1. This is beautiful! I haven’t painted with acrylics for years because I think oils have a richer look, but this painting is really lovely and looks as good as oils to me. Of course, that has a lot to do with your talent!

    Just wanted to let you know also that it’s confusing to sign up for your blog because the email address is invisible when you type it in. I submitted it anyway and it seems to have worked.

    1. Thanks so much, Clarity! I apologize for taking so long to respond to your post.

      I will look into the invisible text in signing up. I have no idea what might be causing that!

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