Grey Kitty – Value Study & Limited Palette

“Grey Kitty” 8×8″ oil on panel

I just finished this painting (it’s still wet on the easel!) but wanted to post it here immediately.

It’s been my intent to include this painting as one of the “projects” in the planned book about how to paint cats. I’m not sure what chapter would be best for it. I’m not entirely sure the painting will be in the book, even.

My initial thought was that painting a grey cat would be a great way to show how to capture values (meaning lights and darks). But should a chapter on values use this cat painting?

Or, maybe it would be better suited for a chapter on using a limited palette. (I mostly used Winsor & Newton’s Blue-Black, White, Yellow Ochre, Ultramarine Blue, and a touch of Cadmium Red Light for this painting.)

So, I’m still thinking about what to do with this one.

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