What this is all about

I’m working on a book about how to paint cats and decided to create a tie-in website (blog) with updates and information about the book. I hope it’ll help me chronicle my progress, and ideally, it might invite visitors to ask questions and give suggestions. That would be cool.

A big part of the reason I’m writing this book is that I’d like to feature my aunt’s cat Daisy in it. The first Cat Book I wrote (Cat Heads) pleased my aunt no end. She’d love to see a book featuring Daisy. It’s all about Daisy, you know.

The book will initially be available on Amazon (Amazon.com and several other Amazon stores overseas). Soon after it’ll also be available in non-Amazon online retailers, as I’ll have it printed by another printer/publisher. (This book will be self-published.)

It’s planned to be finished by Summer 2018 (hopefully by the end of June 2018, but we’ll see).

Here’s one of my random cat paintings to finish off this post:

Pallid Orange Cat, 5×7″ oil on canvas panel.

As I mentioned above, this is not my first attempt at self-publishing a book. There’s also the little book showing a collection of my cat paintings (with a few tutorial pages at the end) already available on Amazon.


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